Energy industry legal consultants

Stockdale Legal is a small team of high-calibre lawyers who work on a consultancy basis for companies operating throughout the energy chain.

How we can help you

We provide legal, regulatory and compliance support to energy companies.

Typical roles

  • General counsel / virtual general counsel
  • Project / deal specific roles
  • General “in-house” role responsible for day-to-day work on e.g. a particular set of assets / region
  • Country rep / country manager

Typical work

  • A&D
  • Joint ventures / asset management
  • Projects
  • Commercial contracts (inc supply chain)
  • Energy trading and product sales
  • Finance
  • Compliance & regulation


Everyone at Stockdale Legal has chosen to work flexibly. This helps to minimise overheads and gives you the opportunity to use highly-qualified and talented lawyers who aren’t your employees and without having to pay traditional law firm rates.


Everyone at Stockdale Legal is a highly qualified and experienced energy sector specialist lawyer. We have all worked in a City firm and have experience of working in-house.


Working flexibly and as consultants, we do not incur the overheads of the traditional law firms. Meaning you can work with top quality energy specialist lawyers at more competitive rates than can be offered by the law firms.


Stockdale Legal is not an SRA regulated entity. That allows us to work on a minimal overhead basis, including in respect of the cost of PI insurance, which is a material overhead for law firms. We offer work at competitive rates on a no liability basis; or alternatively work on an insured basis at an additional cost. Each client can make that choice for each piece of work and we tailor the cost and package accordingly.


We work flexibly but can attend your office or meetings whenever required. We have a big pool of talent we can draw upon and between us we provide:

  • depth of resource – we can pull in people from a wide team of senior energy lawyers.
  • assistance at a senior or junior level, as the work demands.
  • specialist support where needed e.g. finance, employment, corporate.


John Stockdale

John Stockdale founded and runs Stockdale Legal. He works alongside a team of high-calibre energy lawyers. Bios available on request.

Illustrative clients

List of illustrative clients available on request.